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Carrie and her castmates (with bonus Anton) in Follow Me Friday

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And thank you for the ice cream! You made us here very happy!


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How much time has Peter Lockyer had off? There seems to have been an extraordinary amount of JVJ cover used ever since he took over? Obviously illness can't be helped but I'm curious as to how his attendance record compares to Dan or Geronimo.
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You’ll have to forgive me because I don’t have much knowledge about it as I was on holiday when Peter was first off ill and I don’t have the exact details - but this is what I’ve gathered after I’ve come back!

Simon went on for Valjean for the first time after coming back from his leave due to his back operation on September 1st - and was wishing a speedy recovery to Peter around then - and I’m fairly certain Chris Holland was covering a few Valjean shows before then as well! So we can assume Peter’s not been well since the end of August.

As far as Peter coming back since then intermittently? I have no idea if he has or not - I’ve not been able to keep up as much as I’d like because I’m fairly busy at the moment - but as you know, we’ve had a fair few James Gant Valjeans and a Chris Key one too, so he must not have been back much.

If there’s anyone who’s been more up to date with what’s happening, feel free to comment and I’ll post your comments on the blog for anon to see, and shed a bit more light on the situation!

As far as I can tell, they’re just faring a bit worse this time round because Simon’s been out with injury, and then I assume some paternity leave as well as his son was born early Sept too - so they’re a bit lacking with Valjeans when the principal goes down as well as the first cover! Personally, I think this stresses the need for a more permanent member of the cast to take over as Emergency Valjean cover than the resident director, but that’s an discussion for another time :)

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there's another fan account if you wanted to add it to the master listy thingy hehe it's fansofjonnyp which is for Jonny ^_^
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Ah yes thank you!! There have been a few that have popped up since I last updated the list, so I’ll be sure to add this one with the others :) 

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