Is it ok to ask for hugs at stage door?
— Anonymous  

See, I find it honestly hard to answer this question because it’s SO a case of whether it feels ok in the moment, and who you’re talking to and basically just how the whole conversation feels?

I’ll be honest, I’ve never seen anyone who’s asked for a hug be denied one with this cast - all of them, as far as I know, have been ok with that sort of thing. Some of them have even asked fans for hugs, and sometimes when you’re familiar with them and they kind of half know you, they’ll just go in for hugs themselves. So I’ll be honest, I think you’re ok with asking for hugs with this cast.

But it always will be with that sort of thing, a case of making a decision as you’re there. If it feels comfortable enough, then I’d say it’s probably ok to ask - it’s your judgement really, in the moment, of whether it’s appropriate or not. And I trust that if you’re the sort of person who understands personal boundaries enough to ask this question, you’ll know when it’s ok to ask :)

April  17   •  2  •   ( + )
This blog is superb, thank you xxx

Thank you, I try my best!

April  16   ( + )
Presume James Gant's staying, as he just tweeted about cast change rehearsals, which is great because he's fab :)
— Anonymous  

Yes I saw this and everyone who’s seen the tweet seems to be in agreement!

Looks like we’re keeping James Gant for a little bit longer, which is absolute great news!

April  16   •  4  •   ( + )
Are dougie and Rosanna dating?
— Anonymous  

No, both of them are single as far as I know. Not that it’s really any of my business anyway.

April  16   •  1  •   ( + )

Rosanna Bates (2nd cover) will be on for Fantine today!

April  15   •  5  •   ( + )
Do you know of any understudies on in May? :)
— Anonymous  

Jade Davies will be on for Cosette on 8th-10th, and I think Jonny Purchase should be on for Marius on 19th.

April  15   ( + )
I was planning on getting some standing tickets for a full show and was just wondering if I should aim to get them earlyish in the day :)
— Anonymous  

I honestly don’t know! It really does depend on how many seats are being sold and how many tickets are left on the day!

April  15   ( + )
I think George Miller may leaving as well?
— Anonymous  

Oh yeah? I haven’t actually heard anything about George - but he has been in the cast for a long time so who knows!

April  15   •  2  •   ( + )
This may be a stupid question but are Jonny Purchase and Jade Davis related?
— Anonymous  

Oh noooo, no they’re dating!!

April  15   •  3  •   ( + )
I just looked on Dan Koeks website. On the homepage it says his final performance is June 14th so I guess he won't stay on next year?
— Anonymous  

Aaah he might not be then!! Thanks for letting me know!

Though to be honest, everyone’s on a maybe list at the moment - I don’t actually know how many of them are allowed to say whether they’re going or staying!

April  14   ( + )