why was Inot following this blog before oh my goodness who are you this is so lovely! anyway, do you know if Simon Shorten will be on as Valjean on any day other than mondays and fridays at any point this year? :3


My secret identity is none other than leedillonstuart - surprise ;)

(Disclaimer: not actually Lee Dillon Stuart…I just did pretty well in the url game)

And unfortunately I don’t know? Peter’s holiday dates are one of the ones I don’t really know, so the only days Simon should definitely be on is Mondays - sorry!

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It’s not much, but I thought I’d do a little giveaway as thanks for such lovely followers - so I’ve got a few signed leaflets from the cast to hand out!!

They’re the leaflets from the 2013/14 cast, as the new ones haven’t been printed yet, but I’ve got signed ones from: Carrie Hope Fletcher, David Thaxton, previous cast member Niall Sheehy, Michael Colbourne, Ethan Bradshaw and Celinde Schoenmaker (which are the ones pictured above!). AND I’ll also be giving away ones signed by Peter Lockyer, Rob Houchen and Emilie Fleming.

So 9 are up for grabs in total - want one? Here are the rules:

1) Must be following this blog as it’s a gift for followers - lesmiserableslondon - I will check!

2) Likes and reblogs allowed - but don’t spam your followers!!

3) I will try to post anywhere in the world. Preferred if you’re in the UK or Europe just because it’s cheaper - but I’ll try to get it to you wherever you live. But I am a student so you might have to wait a little while before it gets to you if I’m mailing 9 separate things all over!!

4) On that note if you’re entering this giveaway you have to be willing to share your address to me if you’re picked as the winner!

I’ll close the competition on 30th Sept 2014 at Midnight GMT, and choose the winners using a random number generator. Then I’ll message the winners, and from there it’ll be first come first served to what leaflet you win.

Hope that’s clear enough for everyone!! Good luck!!

Only a few more days to enter this if you haven’t already!

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teaandrevolution said: My aunt’s friend is one of the manager’s at Queen’s, and she told me last June that curtain call for the evening show was 6:00pm…not sure if this helps :)

I’m afraid I think she got that wrong - the show definitely finishes at 5:30!

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Heyy! I was just wondering if you knew what time roughly the cast left the theatre after a saturday matinee show and when they arrived again for the evening show? :) Thanks xxx

Hi there!

Most of the cast, if they decide they want to leave the theatre, leave immediately after the first show which is at around 5:30pm. Then when they’re coming back in really depends on them and when they want to return - the absolute latest they have to be back by is 7:00pm!

Though I should mention that even though most of the cast do generally leave the theatre after the first show, they don’t always necessarily! Sometimes they decide to stay in between!

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Hi! (Excuse me for liking all your posts omg) Have you any idea if anybody's going to be away on November 5th? I was lucky enough to get a full cast of principles last time I was there, wonder how likely it is that'll happen again! :')


There’s no-one down as being away on that date, so apart from illness, or someone taking a holiday from now, you should be ok!

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do we have any idea yet when the 2015 cast change will be?

Cast changes for Les Mis are usually in June if they have a 12 month contract - and I know that Carrie at least is definitely staying on until June again, though I can’t say much about any of the others - who knows, they might have started signing 6 month contracts again.

Fairly certain I saw a tweet from Peter about being here definitely until Christmas, but that was a while ago and things might have changed since then.

But yeah, the official cast change time is June, and usually the second week of it - can’t remember if there’s an official date at the top of my head!

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Carrie and her castmates (with bonus Anton) in Follow Me Friday

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